1. House renting is considered valid at the moment of receiving a pre-payment to the following account number: IDEABANK account 06 1950 0001 2006 0011 9056 0001. The pre-payment is agreed earlier via phone, or email. In case the pre-payment is not made, within agreed time, the initial reservation is canceled. In case of canceling a reservation, the deposit is non-refundable.

  1. Arrival and handover of the houses should take place after 04:00pm (exact time of arrival is determined by phone the day before). Departure of the Lessee and handover of the house by the Lessor takes place on the last day of stay by 10:00am.

  1. Rental fee is paid in advance by the Lessee on the day of arrival when settling registration formalities, otherwise the cottage will not be handed over. The Lessee is obliged to prove his identity with an ID card, and show the document to the Lessor (a proof of identity). Cottage rental & cottage furnishings are covered by the rental fee.

  1. A security deposit in the amount of 200 PLN is charged on the very first day of the Visitor’s stay, which will be given back on the day of departure after checking the premises and settling the electricity. The deposit is used to cover costs for electricity consumption or any damage caused by the Lessee during the visitor’s stay. If the deposit does not compensate for the emergent claim, the Lessee is obliged to cover the remaining part of the cost to remove the damage, or to settle the electricity consumption.

  1. If due to reasons beyond the control of the Lesser, the Lessor’s arrival, or stay is delayed, or shortened (communication difficulties, personal reasons), money for the time of lease which is unused by the Lessee is not to be refunded.

  1. The Lessee is not authorized to lend, or sublet the house to the other persons. More people than previously agreed can stay in the house only upon the consent of the Lessor.

  1. The Lessee is responsible for the state of objects & property provided in the house at the moment of receiving keys to the house. Any technical defects should be immediately reported to the Lessor.

  1. Before leaving, the Lessee is obliged to hand over the apartment in the same condition as it was at the check in time. Additional comments for Persons staying in the apartments:

  2. Siedlisko Stary Dom is located within the area of health resort zone, and due to this fact Visitors are requested to pay a visitor’s tax to the District of Ustka in the amount of 3 PLN per night/ per person. The visitor’s tax is charged in total on the day of arrival.

Additional comments for Persons staying at Siedlisko Stary Dom

Lighting fires is forbidden on the premises – please use a grill (wood is available on the premises, you need to organize charcoal on your own).

Smoking cigarettes (or other substances) is forbidden, excluding the designated smoking areas.

Compliance with fire protection regulations throughout duration of the lease period is attributable to the Lessee. Possible consequences of non-compliance with fire protection regulations will be borne entirely by the Lessee.

We accept animals, but their stay needs to be notified earlier, upon the consent of the Owner.

There is an unguarded car park on the premises. The Lessor is not responsible for the means of transport left there, or any property being therein.

The Lessor is not responsible for things which were lost during the rental period. The Lessee is responsible for safeguarding himself against theft.

The Lessor is not responsible for any water shortage caused by the central waterworks and lack of access to electricity caused by the power plant.

The Lessee is responsible for observing rules of public order, surroundings & peaceful coexistance with neighbours. Organizing loud parties, and social gatherings with persosn from the outside (not registered for staying) is not allowed. In the case of misbehavior of Lessees, serious violations of law, or devastation of cottages, the Lessor has the right to terminate the lease agreement and take the Lessees away. In this case, the rental fee for unused days will not be refunded.

You can buy a „souvenir towel“ at Siedlisko Stary Dom for 100 PLN per piece, which will be will be paid by the Lessee, at the latest, on the day of check out.

All matters not covered by these regulations are determined by the Lessor.

Thank you for observing booking & renting regulations in Siedlisko Stary Dom

Siedlisko Stary Dom